In-Studio Services


Some clients find it beneficial to visit Curative Massage for a 30-minute tune up during an extended coffee break while other clients choose a 60-minute afternoon session to continue tackling chronic lower back pain. A 120-minute Sunday session can set the course for relief when pain or discomfort limit daily activities or work functions.

You may find Emily’s treatment guide at the bottom of this page useful when deciding what length of session might suit you.

Reserving your time at Curative Massage
Booking online – even for day-of appointments – is the most effective way to confirm your time at Curative Massage. Emily also welcomes walk-in session requests. For appointments outside of regular business hours, please call or email.

30 minutes        $50.00
45 minutes        $70.00
60 minutes        $85.00
75 minutes        $100.00
90 minutes        $125.00
120 minutes      $160.00

Curative Massage now offers treatment packages!

Direct Billing
Curative Massage accepts direct billing through Medevie Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, Sun Life Financial, Manulife, Great-West LifeCowan Insurance Group, Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance, Desjardins Insurance, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc, Maximum Benefit Johnston Group, and Standard Life. Please ensure you have reviewed your insurance policy and direct billing requirements prior to your appointment.

Cancellation Policy
Curative Massage requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change an appointment. A charge of half the treatment cost will be applied for late cancellations or no shows. Please note insurance billing is not available for cancelled, changed, or missed appointments.

Treatment Guide
A safe and effective massage follows a three-step process.  Registered massage therapists warm up the muscles in the problem area, use selected techniques to break down adhesions and restructure faschia, and flush the area of broken down tissue and toxins before the end of the session.  Allowing enough time to follow the process helps reduce pain and soreness after treatment and helps prevent adhesions from reforming.

Knowing what to address in a massage therapy session can be a dilemma for the best of us. It’s a matter of matching quality service and a defined time frame – prioritizing which treatment is most important for you and matching it with your time availability.

Of course, every session starts with one-on-one consultation. In the meantime, you might find the following guidelines useful for booking your time at Curative Massage (or check out this post on finding your own optimal well being). In understanding that every situation is different and that treatment can be achieved in many ways, Emily suggests:

30 minutes
Recommended scope of work: one problem area or a recently developed issue.

60 minutes
Recommended scope of work: one or two problem areas or as part of regular treatment for a chronic issue.

90 minutes
Recommended scope of work: general full body massage or as part of regular treatment for broad, chronic issues that create multiple problem areas.


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