The Basics of Stretching–Make self-care part of your daily routine (UPDATED)

You’ve heard me emphasize stretching and self-care over and over, but I wanted to explain the basics in writing since a hazy brain can often be experienced post-massage. Scroll down to the bottom for 2 new quick full body routines I recently added to this post.


General Stretching Tips

The most important aspect of stretching is to use intention, meaning you are focused on the area you are stretching and paying attention to your positioning as well as what you’re feeling during the stretch. It should always be pain free to avoid micro-tearing in the muscle, the appropriate stretch position is at the point where you first feel tension. As you hold the stretch position you can increase the stretch as you feel the muscle releasing, always staying within pain-free range. A stretch should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds (60 seconds for those over 60 years of age) and for up to 2 minutes.

Specific Stretching Routines

Below are a few links to stretching guides around the web. I recommend keeping with my instructions above while using the positions outlined in the articles linked.

If you’re feeling stress all over, give these a try:

For more about incorporating self-care into your routine and how to optimize your physical wellbeing, see the article, ‘What Equation Are You Living?


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