Workplace Massage Packages

Looking for meaningful ways to support your company’s health and wellness policies or reward team achievements? Research shows that in-office massage treatments can strengthen our response to workplace stress, increase productivity, and enhance employee loyalty. Dry treatment massage with Curative Massage means employees are able to return to workday schedules quickly with few changes to clothing or personal care.

Emily travels to downtown Halifax offices to deliver at-desk or ‘full set up’ massage table treatments. With versatile booking options, Emily can provide dry treatment massage for up to 20 employees in a morning or afternoon. Contact Emily by phone or email for a quote suited to the needs of your office.

In-office treatment package examples
At-desk massage package: $85.00 per hour
10-minute sessions allow treatment for 5 employees per hour
Recommended scope of work at employee’s desk: head, neck, shoulders, or hands.
30-minute group seminar included

Table massage package: $100.00 per hour
20-minute sessions allow treatment for 3 employees per hour
Recommended scope of work in a private space in the office: neck, shoulders, arms, or feet.
30-minute group seminar included

In-office group seminars: $50.00 per 30 minutes
Consider booking a seminar as a social committee activity and learn about self massage, stretching, breathing, or hydrytherapy techniques to try at home.


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